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Welcome to:

Gumbalina's World

Allow me to introduce myself...
Tell you all a little about me. I am a Christian
country girl... raised by them ole Hillbilly's...

My mother's a Hatfield,
my Daddy's name is Coy.
They made us very happy
and filled our lives with joy!

I am an Artist, a sister,
a writer & a poet.
A mother, a daughter,
and some of you know it!

I am a grandmother,
and an aunt too,
I have been like the old women
who lived in a shoe!

I am a musician...
I play the ivory key,
piano is my first choice,
but hand any old thing to me!

I know if I can strum it,
kick it or pluck it,
I'll get a sound,
even have an old mouth harp...
just laying around.

I love to draw, I love to paint
& sometimes I even use ink...
I can even use pencils,
then I don't hardly have to think!

I love to read & study
...I always have,
it's such fun to me...
now I have this computer,
like some city folk, I see!

I'll just stay in the country tho,
I am having such fun...
I can do "Art" on my puter...
though I can no longer run!

Have I told you too much?
well, not yet so...
there is just one thing more,
you really should know...

You're not a red-neck until...
you've played chicken with an
18 wheeler and lost...
Like a deer stuck in headlights,
just can't move at any cost!

Yea, I saw him a comin',
but what I was I to do?
I was listening to that good old
country bluegrass gospel
music and singing out
that old harmony... yaa...hhoooOO!

written by: Me! ~
(best read with a deep southren accent!)
~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ ©
I am never going to get an index
page ever made! LOL Guess I'll have to
make another page! Darn... I sure hate
to have to do that! LOL See ya on the
next page! You will find an Index of
my web pages, there! I promise!
~ charlene ~

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Page last updated:October 7, 2002
~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ ©

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