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~Baby's Prayer~
Author: ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~

It's me Lord, I made it down here OK.
I know that my parents love me...
Because I have heard them pray.

I have heard them Thank you, Lord Jesus and
they have promised to take good care of me.
I really want that too, Lord....
And that's just how I want to grow up to be!

I'll watch them very closely, I promise,
So I can learn all the things I will need...
How to walk, talk... how to handle everydays deeds.
Copying them, should help me to learn with ease...
For the rest and all of my days...
For it's you and them Lord,
I really want to please!

I mostly like it down here God,
And I Thank you for letting me come.
There are somethings very confussing though,
Sometimes, I see my mommy will panic & run.

She can look so lost & afraid...
something, we just don't like to be.
Daddy can yell really loud sometimes
And we know that it's on account of me.

I see my mommy trying not to panic or cry,
As runs and sweeps me into her shaky arms,
Ready, just in case you see...
She will need to be brave and protect me!

Lord, do I have to learn how to yell,
The way my Mommy & Daddy do at times?
Maybe we can figure out something else I can do instead,
Would that be OK with you, Lord... & God,
do they really wish they were dead?

I know you wouldn't have yelled at me, Lord.
Or even made my Mommy to run...
I guess I don't understand to much yet,
"cause most times... we are having such fun!

Daddy sometimes grabs his coat,
slams the door so loud, it really makes me jump.
Where my milk usually goes down,
There gets stuck this big ole lump.

I can hear just quiet now, besides
the water you are out there,
just softly sprinkling down...
Yes, I know it is you Dear Lord...
Things are now so calm & I remember your smell,
No ones scary anymore and all is well.

I am drifting off to sleepytime now,
Thank you for hearing me again...
I don't think I'll have to call you for a while...
For I can hear them praying with you again Lord...
And everyone knows, you always forgive us, take away sin!
Replacing it with sweet rest and peace, within.

writen by: ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ �

I would like to dedicate this to all the children we were blessed with, in sharing thier
lives with us, through out all of the years!

Also to my parents,
from whom I never heard,
even one cross word to one another in
my years of growing up! I have been so blessed!
I love you one and all!
~ charlene aka gumbalina ~

Since 12/26/2001

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~Church in the Wildwood~
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Thank you Hunny Bunny
for your wonderful graphic's
that inspired this poem...

~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ �

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