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I Thought...
by: ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~

I thought I lost a friend today...
It made me so very sad 
and down hearted.
After so many years of friendship,
I can still remember...
exactly, how it all started.

She seemed to be so special to me,
Right from the very start.
I made a special place for her,
Way down deep... inside my heart.

Now seasons change & so can we,
One life starts, as another one ends...
Now I so desperately... need,
 Just to say something...
To all of my special friends...

You made me laugh & feel needed,
Made me feel very special too...
Had I known then, what I know now,
Would I have been so close to you?

Would I have told you all
my deepest fears?
Would we have laughed so hard...
through out all those years?
Would I have confided in you so...?
You are probably thinking...
"How could we... we'll never know?"

 I believe I know now, so very true...
Just exactly... what I would do!
I wouldn't trade one single moment,
Of our fun, laughter & sharing of tears.
We made precious memories...
that we can still cherish...
Through-out all, our remaining years.

 Spring air can feel so soft & clean,
Flowers begin to bloom, from
under the melted snow...
Summer will soon be here...
So quickly the seasons, they come
and then they go.


Thru the hot summer... we leaned
on each other... as together, we 
searched for a cool breeze.
There were times, when our fears
for another... would put us in prayer...
 together... on bended knees.

Autumn was soon to arrive...
things mystically, flying
through the air.
Everything seemed to have
taken on different colors...
And now... there is even silver...
in the coloring... of my hair.

Things just keep on falling...
 the cold winds now threating,
to chill us through & through...
My body aches so much worse,
now we long for the Spring...
to bring in the morning dew.

So quickly things wax cold & die...
Freezing cold, blankets of white, too.
Yet... we can still see crystle white
 lights glimmering... when the Son,
comes shinning through.

So we can see a glimmer of hope...
for tomorrow... with a little
faith... now, don't you know? 
And even though, your back to
me, has been turned by gossips'
lies... valueable lessons learned,
through the winters, harsh snow & gray skies.
Seasons change, as so
do some of us... like earth's
seasons... down here below.
I know our season is over here...
Maybe we will meet again... in that
bright Heaven, to which we go.

So now this pouring out of
heart, shall end... as in our season,
things can no longer grow...
Spring is coming, bringing in
new, precious friendships...
from just underneath, the
shinning, now melting snow...

Yes, I thought I lost a friend today,
But this just was not true...
Our season just came to it's end.
A true friend is always there for,
All... of the four seasons through.

~ charlene ~

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