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So glad you could make it!

My wonderful Friends!

I put these things together,
because I thought they
would work so well...
I didn't prepare a rhyme,
I'm not even sure I can spell.

I have been trying all night,
to find something special
for you all to see...
I think I have found one,
Special for you, from me!

I love each one of you...
in such a special way,
I try to do my best to entertain
you, too see your
smiles... coming my way.

How you all can light up a room,
With those pearly whites!
Especially Dale... I can see her
coming... I have her in my sights!

And when my feet start wanting
to shuffle... I some how know.
This e-mail is from Rosalie,
You go girl... go!

I am tired, feel as tho
I need some cheer, then a
Lady calls me on the phone.
How I love to hear her voice,
So much love for me she has shown!

When I need a lift,
Here comes BJ's mail bag
jammed so tight...
With such love, she will,
keep you busy, for the night!

Betty hand picks each one
with special care...
She has so much beauty
and so much love to share.

And when my spirit is really low,
There is a special one, I know.
Nan... you are always there,
Such wonderful verses to share!

There are just so many of you,
this rhyme could go forever.
Our love, I will never forget...
Our hearts & spirits will
be always... together!

A poem written for you by:
~ charlene ~

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~ gumbalinas' ~

author and design by:
charlene kibbey maynard

Accepted January 22, 2002

Church in the Wildwood