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Pencils can be fun, you know,
Actually really rather cool!
You can get things straight, you know,
With a pencil against the rule.

I know you used them once,
When you went to school...
I take them much more serious now,
One can become a handy tool!

So when the children are off to play,
Just pick one up in your hand...
Against some light paper now,
Let it spin and swirl at your command! 

So when I am too sick and tired,
To get out all my paints...
I can take the easy way out...
We Artist just aren't saints! 

I just need a few bucks right now,
An easier way to make quick money?
You know I meant legally,
Now, that just really wasn't funny!

Add lay-outs... seem to be,
Almost always... in demand.
For local stores and specialty shops,
If you know how to use your hand.

Now don't think me crude or rude,
It helps me not get phsycotic...
Drawing can calm your nerves,
It can help you be more patriotic!
There may be one other thing,
I like to do now and then again.
Maybe I will tell you about,
Radio-graph... with a pen?
                            Art work,
                                  Rhymn and
                                       Design by:
~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ ©

gumbalina ©

All copy rights © are reserved by the Artist.
Written consent must be obtained

before any copying or use of these materials! 

~last up-dated 9/18/2002~

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