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Wecome to yet another webpage & rhymn by:
~ gumbalina ~


I dress and feed the children
and send them out to play.
Put another load in the washer,
and then I start my day.

I srcub.. and I wipe.. and
I dust... and I clean...
All the while dreaming of
 carefree days, I had once seen.

A screaming child wakes me

with a stab of fear...
He's heading this way, yet..
he looks just fine from here!


As I kiss & hug away his tears...

Was this his fault... or....
the fault of the other?
( and I know I am the one speaking,
yet... why do I hear...
the voice of my own mother? )

I've gained some wisdom,
you might say...
"I've seen the light!"
I do sound like my mother..
and now... I know she was right!

She would say to me,
so plain and so clear...
"Someday it will be your turn."
I think that day is here!

I walk into a once clean room,
now an awful sight...
I ask the Lord again, just
"Help me make it thru 'til night."

Lunch is over, five loads of
laundry and the dishes are done.
Dinners now cooking, the
children running, playing, having fun.

Is this my chance...Could I...
...should I dare?
Just give me ten minutes Lord,
in the cushions of a chair!

But comfy chairs have
silient alarms, well hid...
that Mom's cannot hear...
Only the ears of a kid!

It can find children anywhere
and start a fighting spree!
And we all know who mom is...
She's the official referre!

Now, the house is fairly clean
and the family all feed.
The children are all bathed
and snuggled into bed.

I finally finished the laundry
between all of the days chores...
Now my back aches and
my feet... they are SO sore!

Again the hampers are all full
and it's my turn for a bath...
One peek in the mirror,
I want to cry... yet I laugh.

Then I think of my hubby...
and the thought runs thru my mind,
Does he really like what he sees...
or does he just try to be kind?

He deserves much more than this
it seems quite clear....
I must try to do better...
for the ones I hold so dear.

So.. day after day I feel,
I am more of a failure...
Day after day... I clean...
I scold.. and I labor.

Now, what I have finished today
brings me great sorrow...
For all that I have finished today,
I must start all over again...


by: ~ charlene ~
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March 30, 2002

Written in the Summer of 1982 by:

~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ ©
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