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When the Net Gets Lonely

When the net becomes a lonely place,
there is no where to run and hide..
You just drift off into cyber space..
Where no one, would ever chose to abide.

I check my mail constantly,
wondering if the mail isn't just stuck somewhere...
Because.. if my mail is any indication..
There is no one.. no one who really cares.

Just what was it.. that drew me here,
then left me feeling cold, alone and outside?
Why did the joy have to come to an end..
Did I let them all, just take me for a ride?

How could I have been so trusting,
Of people who I had just met..
So many times I had justly been warned,
"You have to be very careful on the net!

Careful to guard your trusting heart,
just like in this cruel world below...
What made me think it would be different,
when on the "internet" I would go?

So now.. I will retreat and lick my wounds,
like a cat that has been scratched and clawed,
Something seems to change within... 
when you have been cheated and then black-balled!

Wait!  Just a minute.. what's the matter with me?
How can I walk away.. so defeated and down?
I'll just pull that knife right out of  my back,
I'll not let them make me, just their sacrificial clown!

Did I lie and cheat and back stab..
like some of the others did?
It wasn't me.. that put on a phony face,
while the hate and cursing I hid?

No! I took a stand and stood there firm..
upon the wings of truth, I did not waver.
Jesus is not just my Lord and King,
He is my personal and blessed Savior!

So with my precious Lord by my side..
I can stay on-line without any fears.
I can relax and enjoy my fine new friends,
He has given me, through-out these past 6 years!

So, I can go on spreading His word divine..
Forgiving has set me free!
I owe it all to my Precious Lord..
And all my fine new friends,
He.. has given to me!

Thank you too (((( Thelma )))) for this fine name plate!
You,  (((( Betty )))) and (((( Diane )))) I can count on everyday..
along with so many other precious friends... new and old, from the "net!"
God bless and Thank you, each and everyone!
author, art + design by:
charlene kibbey maynard Ó

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I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America,
To the republic for which it stands..
One nation..  under God.. indivisible..
With Liberty and Justice for All!